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Get Delaware Registered Agent Service, Business Address & Free Mail Forwarding for $48 a year!

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Get Delaware Registered Agent Service, Business Address & Free Mail Forwarding for $48 a year!

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Why Do You Need a Delaware Registered Agent?

All business entities in Delaware are required by state law to appoint a registered agent. The registered agent is tasked with receiving service of process, as well as official notices and documents from Delaware. If your LLC or corporation gets embroiled in a lawsuit, your Delaware registered agent will be the main point of contact for the state and will ensure that your company is properly notified. Your Delaware registered agent is basically the buffer between you and the state.

You can act as your own registered agent in Delaware, as some people do, but when you go that route not only do you have to keep normal business hours, you’ll also say adios to a lot of the privacy that Delaware offers business owners. Hiring Dash Incorporators means that you can not only keep flexible work hours, but you can be confident that you’ll never miss an important missive from the state, and you’ll be able to retain some semblance of privacy in an otherwise public world.

When you hire Dash Incorporators to act as your registered agent or to incorporate your business, you'll get access to:

  • Our Delaware registered agent service for $48 a year
  • Business formation services (filing with the state)
  • Domain name, website, SSL certificate, email, and phone service
  • Additional state and federal filings (DBA, EIN, BOI)
  • Free Delaware mail forwarding
  • The use of our Delaware business address for free
  • A secure online client portal for all your documents
  • Same-day scanning of service of process and official state mail

Our Efficient Online Account System Saves You Time

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At Dash Incorporators our tech geeks have designed a proprietary online filing system that gets your business filings done faster than anyone else. We see your business needs and meet them with efficiency and speed, always with an eye toward perfection.

  • Incoming documents are uploaded immediately to your client account and can be viewed in real-time.
  • We notify you ASAP to ensure that you are contacted and that you can actually view your documents.
  • We issue regular reminders of any required annual filings—always well in advance of the deadlines.

Business Formation Specialists

We're so fast and efficient that within two business days we can file your Delaware business formation documents for $45 plus state fees and our $48 registered agent service fee. That’s $203 total to form your Delaware LLC and $202 total to start your Delaware corporation. Plus, when you hire us to start your business in Delaware, you'll get:

  • 1-Year of Our Registered Agent Service included
  • Domain Name, Website, SSL Certificate, Email, and Phone Service
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Electronic Delivery of Your Documents
  • Annual Report Reminders and Compliance Notifications
  • Instant Access to Our Services Through Your Secure Online Portal
  • Privacy: Our Address Goes On the Public Record, Not Yours
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Delaware Virtual Office & Mail Forwarding Services

Our $48 Delaware registered agent service already includes a free mail forwarding option of up to 3 pieces of non-state mail per year. But if you need more mail coverage or want a unique mailing address and other perks, you’ll need to take advantage of one of our paid Delaware mail forwarding or virtual office packages. Here’s what those packages include:

Delaware Mail Forwarding

$49 / year

  • 10 additional non-state documents per year
  • Unique suite number
  • Daily mail scanning
  • Shredded junk mail

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Deluxe Mail Forwarding

$99 / year

  • 25 additional non-state documents per year
  • Unique suite number
  • Daily mail scanning
  • Shredded junk mail

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Virtual Office:

Unlimited Scans

$19 / month

  • Unlimited documents
  • Unique suite number
  • Delaware phone number
  • Physical mail forwarding
  • Shredded junk mail

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Common Questions

We own our own building, and that means we can assign a unique mailing address to our mail forwarding and virtual office clients. The suite number we assign is solely for your business. It’s never been used by another business before you, and it will never be used by another business after you.

Our business formation and virtual office packages include a call forwarding number with a 302 area code. This phone number forwards calls to a phone number of your choice (your office, your home, or your mobile phone). It’s as simple as that—and just one more way Dash Incorporators can help protect your privacy.

Our business formation packages include everything required to set up shop online: a domain name (free for a year) and a website, email, SSL certificate, and phone service (all free for 90 days). You choose and own your domain name, and all the data on your website belongs to you. With these tools, you can create a professional image and keep your personal and business communications from overlapping. We’ve truly got everything you need all in one place.

Delaware isn’t big on taxes. Our state levies no sales tax, no value-added taxes, no use tax, no inventory tax, no inheritance tax, no capital shares or taxes for transferring stock, and no tax on intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, and naming rights.

Delaware’s Court of Chancery may have a fancy name that sounds like something kings and queens used to preside over in jolly old England, but it is widely recognized as the main forum in which to settle disputes that involve decisions affecting Delaware corporations, LLCs and other business entities. The Court of Chancery is a non-jury trial court, which means litigants are able to rely on the decisions of judges, which are more impartial and predictable than that of a jury.

Delaware LLCs don’t file annual reports but instead pay a flat $300 annual tax. You can pay the fee online, thus eliminating the hassle and formality of paper filings. While Delaware corporations have significantly higher annual report fees, they can also file online and skip the annoyance of sifting through mounds of mailings.

Lots of Delaware companies operate under a trade name (also called a DBA) because it opens up possibilities for branding and franchising. If you’re interested in registering a trade name, select our Trade Name Service inside your account after you sign up for our business formation service. The cost to register a trade name is $150 per Delaware county—or $450 for all three counties, including state fees.

Compared to Delaware corporations, Delaware LLCs have an easier time keeping their information private. Delaware requires no information about the members or managers to be listed on the LLC’s Certificate of Formation. When you hire Dash Incorporators to be your business formation or registered agent ninjas, our info goes into the system, not yours.

Why Hire Dash Incorporators?

Privacy Protection

Privacy is paramount, especially in today’s online culture where personal information is so easy to come by. If you go your own way and act as your own registered agent, your name and address get tied to your business in the public record.

If you Dash, we’ll let you use our Delaware address instead, which means junk mailers, scammers, and email spammers will have a much harder time getting their hooks in you.

Customer Service

Our staff and customer service acumen is what sets us apart from the other Delaware registered agents. Give us a call and you’ll speak to a real human being, not an outsourced robot voice where you have to punch in a million numbers just to get a simple question answered.

At Dash we take pride in providing the highest level of customer service in Delaware, all at a reasonable price.

Secure & Easy to Access Online Account

When you hire Dash we will immediately set you up for secure access to your business’s online account. This means that you’ll be able to check on the status of your business, as well as have access to Delaware business formation documents, tax forms, and other official state correspondence—all at the click of a button.

We’re a small business, so we know what it means to hustle and struggle. Your business matters to us. We feel that we offer superior service for an excellent price. We won’t bug you with sales calls, and we certainly don’t see our customers as dollar signs. Starting and maintaining a business takes a lot of work, and we’re here to help you on that journey!

Low Prices

Our $48 registered agent service price is hard to beat. If you break it down we’re asking $4 per month to provide you with use of our address, an online account full of digital documents and filing tips, free mail forwarding at up to 3 pieces of non-state mail per year, compliance notifications, and Delaware registered agent service.

We won’t call you trying to sell junk you don’t need, and when you call us you’ll talk to a real person who knows Delaware’s Division of Corporations inside and out. Don’t like our service? Cancel anytime.

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